Advance Application I

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Neuro Imaging

MAGNETOM Esseza enables evalution for complex pathology from advanced stroke to disc herniation, It incudes:

« Comprehensive sequences and protocols for perfusion and diffusion imaging.

« High resolution & fast protocols for uncooperative patients.

« T2-weighted high-resolution 3D Restore protocols for inner ear examinations.

« 2D and 3D MEDIC protocols for T2-weighted imaging particularly in C-spine transverse where reproducibility can be difficult due to CSF pulsations and blood flow.

« 3D Myelo with 3D HASTE and 3D TrueFISP sequence for anatomical details.

« Dynamic sacro-iliac joint imaging using fast T1-weighted FLASH 2D sequence.

« Brain Spectroscopy.

« Real time motion correction - all orientation all contrasts, all body regions.

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Inline Diffusion

Advanced post processing

Automatic real-time calculation of trace-weighted images and ADC maps provide distinct age

« Early detection of stroke.

« Tumour differentiation.

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Syngo SWI

Detection of microhemorrhages(Intracranial bleeding)

Susceptibility weighted Imaging(SWI)

« Increases sensitivity to intracranial hemorrhage.

« Visualized intracranial bleeding and venous structures.

« Improves visualization of contusions and shering injuries.

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Neuro Perfusion

Brain tumor evaluation

It shows perfusion deficits and assists in the diagnosis and grading. For example vascular deficiencies and brain tumors.



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