Advance Application II

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Body Imaging

MAGNETOM Essenza is very useful in performing free breathing high resolution abdomen to pelvis studies including MRCP with ease. It includes:

« Ultrafast high-resolution 2D and 3D protocols for abdomen,pelvis,MR Colonography,MRCP dynamic kidney and MR Urography.

« Free breathing protocols, Breath holding not required.

« Motion artifacts are greatly reduced with 2D PAGE Inline technology.

« Dynamic 3D VIBE protocols for best visualization of focal lesions with high spatial and temporal resolution.

« Syngo REVEAL for diffusion imaging for liver and whole body exams.

« PPelvic imaging with sub-millimeter resolution possible.

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Angio Imaging

MAGENETOM Essenza is useful in depicting vessel diseases with a wide range of techniques that include:

« Wide range of contrast and non-enhanced techniques for Renal Anogio,Abdominal Angio, internal Carotid Angio, etc.

« Non-contrast MRA with 2D and 2D Time-of-Flight(ToF)protocols for the Circle Willis, carotids,neck vessels, etc.

« TONE (Tilted Optimized Non-saturation Excitation) and MTC (Magnetization Transfer Contrast) techniques for improved Contrast-to-Noise Ratio(NCR).

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Oncology Imaging

Magnetom Essenza is a hightly sensitive tool in Oncology services, for tumor detection and staging of liver, prostate cancers and more it includes:

« Comprehensive collection of sequences, protocols and evaluation tools for detailed screening of clinical indications, such as in hepatic neoplasms.

« STIR TSE and FLASH in-phase and opposed-phase protocols with a hight sensitivity to metastases visualization.

« Dynamic imaging protocols for assessment of the kinetic behavior for lesion visualization and characterization.

« Brain Spectroscopy.

« Syngo REVEAL for diffusion imaging of liver and whole body exams

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Ortho Imaging

Magnetom Essenza enables accurate diagnosis from ligament tears to cartilage degeneration. It includes:

« Comprehensive protocols for joint and spine imaging.

« Suitabillity for avascular necrosis and internal derangements.

« High resolution 3D imaging of spine and joint for any contrast.

« Imaging of tumors and infections.

« High resolution 3D VIBE protocol for MR arthography for knee, shoulder and hip.

« Dynamic TMJ and illio-sacral joint protocol.

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Cardiac Imaging

Easily answer clinical questions, from cardiomyopathies to ischemic heart disease, and valvular to congenital heart diseases.

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Breast Imaging

Streamline your workflow in clinical breast cases, including breast implant assessment and therapy monitoring.

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