All you need to know about Full body MRI


December , 14 2021


MRI scan of the entire body instantly gives in-depth information about the body's condition. Doctors can detect the well-being of the vital organs. MRI scan involves a strong magnet, radio waves, and a computer. You should search MRI near me on Google to find a suitable MRI scan center in Delhi.

The doctors can scan the heart, abdomen, spine, pelvis, and head through MRI. MRI scanner is an advanced age machine that can make you feel comfortable. It would generally take about one hour or one and half hours in order to scan your full body. There are facilities or incorporated technology to listen to music or watch a movie as a part of the selected package.

Who can have an MRI scan?

Anyone above 18 years of age and concerned about health can undergo an MRI scan. When having symptoms like severe pain in the head or any other part of the body, A person generally does an MRI scan as doctors prescribe.

When to do a whole-body MRI scan?

The major reason to do a full-body MRI scan is a diagnosis of various Health aspects like the presence of a tumour, injury to the spinal cord and more.

An asymptomatic person can detect the signs related to the disease as early as possible.

Additionally, a whole-body MRI scan is very useful to get a clear view of the spreading illness in various parts of the body.

How to get ready for a full-body MRI scan?

You should prepare for an MRI scan a whole-body MRI scan through the following steps.

·  Don't panic. It is better to not overthink and divert all your thoughts towards preparation.

·  Be honest with the doctor. You must inform your doctor about your health condition honestly. Diabetes, high BP, claustrophobia and more, try not to ignore anything.

·  Do as instructed. After you have informed the doctor honestly, it is time to follow their instructions with full concentration.

·  Avoid carrying metallic objects. MRI machines have strong magnets. Hence, it is better to avoid wearing any metallic ring, necklace as well as any other object that gets affected by the magnetic field.

Risks of full-body MRI

·  Some people may experience a panic attack.

·  Few people have allergies related to the dye injected into the body to get better MRI scan images.


A full-body MRI helps to diagnose the entire body. Any abnormalities, doctors can detect. For example, the best MRI scan centre in Delhi provides reliable results.