CT scan for detecting lung cancer


December , 14 2021



Pollution is rapidly increasing in Delhi year after year due to the rapidly increasing vehicle population. Even in this year in 2021 nearly all schools and colleges were closed till 15th November due to excessive pollution caused due to crackers burnt and other harmful chemicals due to Diwali celebrations. Consequently, lung cancer cases are rapidly escalating in Delhi and other nations and soon acquire the status of an epidemic. Besides daily air pollution which is caused due to vehicular emissions, there is another big factor behind the rise of people seeking chest CT scan in Delhi. Smoking is another big factor that has led to skyrocketing of people seeking CT chest scan in Delhi. Both active and passive smokers are suffering more and more from lung cancer. If you are new to CT scan then check out the following information.


 CT scan is better known as Computed Tomography is an exceptional non-invasive diagnostic tool for finding lung cancer. This technology utilizes a special form of X-ray, which when integrated with computer technology creates slices( cross-sectional images ) of organs, soft tissue, blood vessels, and bone in any body part. CT lung cancer has completely transformed medical imaging by giving loads of detailed information than normal X-rays and providing superior patient care.

There are loads of imaging methods that are used to examine the lungs which consist of low radiation dose chest CT, chest X-ray and standard radiation dose chest Computed Tomography. A low radiation dose CT scan is ideal for screening cancer since it is more sensitive than an X-ray in finding cancer, with very less exposure to radiation than a normal CT scan. 

How does CT function 

Since you are searching for CT near me you must know how CT works. CT technology is utilized for finding pulmonary modules, collecting abnormal tissue in the lungs which results in lung cancer. These nodes can be detected by CT scan before the development of physical symptoms of lung cancer. If the pulmonary modules are detected very early then the chances of survival are greatly enhanced. The good news is that lots of individuals have pulmonary modules which don’t have cancer.

The majority of the modules are caused by scar tissue from infected lungs and don’t have cancer. Computed Tomography finds small modules which later are noncancerous. But be assured. Computed Tomography or CT scan is safe for your health and is absolutely recommended for all age groups.

2. What are the important safety tips which you should take in CT scan


Lung infection cases are soaring rapidly day by day in Delhi and the whole nation. The reasons are not very high to seek. Air pollution is rising rapidly day by day. To give you a staggering example in 1950, there were only two lakh cars in the whole country and a majority of them were imported. Currently, in the city of Delhi NCR, there are over a million vehicles and up to ninety percent of them are manufactured in the country itself. No wonder pollution is soaring ever since the last two decades. Due to the economic liberalization of 1991, people’s purchasing power has greatly expanded and virtually everyone has a car. 

So consequently there has been an explosion of people who are undertaking chest CT scan in Delhi. Due to a rapid increase in the presence of pollutants in the air such as Carbon Dioxide and other dust particles you can always daily see hordes of people swarming hospitals and diagnostic centers. But much more than air pollution smoking and tobacco consumption is the no1 cause of .lung cancer. The crux is that smoking damages the cells which surround the lungs. When you take in smoke it consists of carcinogens( cancer-causing substances ) changes in the lung tissue start instantly. If you investigate people who are going in for a CT chest scan in Delhi you will find that a majority of them have carcinogens in excess. Two major types of lung cancer are extremely prevalent as per doctors' assessment.

Small cell lung cancer

Small cell lung cancer occurs exclusively in people who are heavy smokers and rarely occurs.

 Non-small lung cancer.

The majority of lung cancer cases belong to non-small lung cancers. These cells consist of adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and large cell carcinoma respectively.

CT scan

For those who are looking for CT near me first, you should know what a CT scan is. A computerized scan integrates a series of X-ray images taken from the body angles and utilizes computer processing for creating blood vessels, slices of the bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels inside the body. CT scan images provide more than detailed information than X-rays possibly do. Now let us take the safety tips regarding the CT scan.

  You should not have any allergies or untoward reactions to medicines.

  Always inform the doctor that whether you are pregnant.

  Never carry your valuables to the hospital.

  Always carry the list of medicines which you are currently using.