Know all about MRI: Process, Purpose, Side Effects, Risks, and Results


August , 20 2021


What Do You Mean By MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)?

If a doctor has recommended an MRI scanning, you may feel blank as you don’t know what it is all about. Here we define MRI for you. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) a scanning method in the form of radiology. In this image, capturing test radio waves and magnetism is utilized to generate sketches of internal body organs. The MRI machine or scanner is a cylindrical structure enclosed by a colossal circular magnet. The patient needs to sit on a portable bed that is pushed into the magnet. The magnet surrounding the scanner generates a robust magnetic arena that lines up protons and visible to radio waves light. This rotates the different body protons and generates a feeble indication that the MRI scanner identifies. A computer system develops the receiver detail of the MRI, which produces snapshots. You can easily find MRI near me available at Hamdard imaging Centre if you need to undergo an MRI test.

How an MRI report is utilized/ Different usages of MRI

Generally, a doctor recommends an MRI scan when another testing becomes unsuccessful in detecting the root cause of the diseases or any health issue. MRI provides precise information about disease identification all the way through the body. It delivers adequate details about the health complication that helps surgeon for accurate patient’s diagnosis. MRI is competent to detect various diseases related to the brain, such as tumors, stroke, spine inflammation, brain aneurysms   

MRI is used to determine brain structure, but Neurosurgeons utilize it to inspect the strength of the spinal cord post strain. An MRI can assess aorta and heart anatomy, where it can identify tears and aneurysms. It is a prolific scanner in capturing the precise detection of health complications related to intervertebral and vertebrae spine discs. Locate a reliable MRI scan Centre in Delhi only at Hamdard Imaging Centre.

It delivers correct details on bones, soft tissues, and joints anatomy of the body. Moreover, a doctor also prescribes MRI for organs and glands present in the stomach. An MRI scan is helpful to decide the correct treatment of the patients because it gives comprehensive details of damaging tissues and organs of the body that needs treatment.

Are there any side effects and risks associated with MRI SCAN? 

As we have already mentioned, an MRI scan is a pain-free radiology method, and it doesn’t affect the skin as x-ray radiation brings complications to the skin. So far, no determined side effect has been acknowledged due to the MRI scan. The advantage of an MRI scan is based on its accurate capability of identifying anatomical aberrations of the body.   

Patients who have undergone any surgical treatment or any metallic substance present in their body because of surgical treatment must inform their surgeon before MRI. A metallic substance such as surgical clips, artificial joints, bone plates, and prosthetic equipment can pointedly misrepresent photos acquired by the MRI scanner. Some other patients with bullet pieces, metal ear implants, synthetic heart valves, and insulin pumps are not recommended for MRI scanning. Moreover     

Throughout the MRI scanning, the patient lay down in a compressed place inside a magnetic pipe. Some patients may feel suffocated throughout the process. Hence patients that have claustrophobia must inform and discuss it with their surgeon and MRI crew members. Local anesthesia can be given before MRI scan to get rid of such feelings. The MRI crew must be close to the patient during the scan. Moreover, there is generally a mode of communication with the MRI team such as buzzer pressing by patients, that patient can communicate with staff if he/she cannot bear the scanning process. 

When Does Patient Get The MRI Result Or Report? 

After MRI scanning completion, the computer system produces radio wave images of the scanned body area. A doctor can make covert these pictures into the film. An expert that understands and interprets body images is trained and known as a radiologist. A patient can get the obtained body images due to MRI scan in the report format. After inspecting the MRI report, the doctor can tell patients and his/her family member about the diagnosis and possible treatment. 

Bottom Line

We have given all possible information about MRI scanning. However, it is also essential to choose a reliable and Best MRI Scan Centre in Delhi that ensures you provide genuine and authentic reports. Hamdard Imaging Centre is undoubtedly an excellent center for MRI scanning and other essential tests.