Must know Facts About Different Types of CT Scan


December , 14 2021


CT or computed tomography scans use x-rays or ionizing radiation to get pictures of the inside of the body. Your healthcare professional might order a heart or chest CT scan if they understand you have a broken bone or even if you try to detect tumors or any other symptoms of illness in the body.

What are the types of computerized tomography?

There are two different types of computerized tomography scans such as:

Conventional CT scan 

The slice takes the conventional scan, and after every slice, the scan stops. And it moves down to another portion. In this scan, it moves from the top of the abdomen to the pelvis. Also, it needs patients to hold their breath and to neglect movement artifacts.

Spiral/helical CT scan 

This is a constant scan that is taken in a spiral fashion. The scanned pictures are contiguous, and the process is quick.

CT angiography

A doctor may order a CT chest in Delhi or an angiogram to assess an individual’s risk of a heart attack. The CT chest scan can also aid healthcare professionals in evaluating damage to the blood vessels like blockages or aneurysms. Before the scan, a health expert injects dye into the blood vessels to assist the blood flow through the body more visible. A CT expert then takes pictures of the blood vessels.

CT abdomen scan

During an abdominal CT scan, an expert will capture pictures of the organs of the digestive tract. Like the colon, spleen, liver, intestine, and appendix. A healthcare professional may order a scan of your abdomen to check abscesses in the area. To identify or diagnose tumors or even to discover internal bleeding such as those in the colon.

Head CT

A healthcare professional may order a head CT scan in Delhi for a patient experiencing dizziness or even headaches. The process can also aid in diagnosing strokes or brain tumors. A head CT scan captures the pictures of the head and areas around the head. Patients undergoing any issues may benefit from a head CT scan to know if there is any ongoing inflammation in that particular area.

CT scan chest/lungs

A Chest CT scan in Delhi offers a doctor a detailed picture of an individual’s lungs. Doctors may order the scan if a patient complains about having any chest pain or issues related to breathing. The images can aid doctors in diagnosing cases such as excess fluid in the lungs, tuberculosis, or even pneumonia. You can contact CT near me for more details.