What Do You Understand by HRCT?


December , 14 2021


HRCT scans help in studying the lungs and how different tissue interacts with one another. They can provide a detailed & clearer image than traditional CT scans for this reason.

HRCT is effective for the diagnosis of lung conditions that are involved with spaces & cavities; these diseases maybe

  • Bronchiectasis
  • Interstitial lung infection
  • Pulmonary Micro Nodules
  • small airways disease
  • Cystic lung ailment

HRCT is a technique that assists in measuring the level of lung illness, observing the healing reaction, and deciding on a biopsy spot. Get advanced HRCT near me from Hamdard Imaging Center.

A common myth about HRCT is that its high-resolution CT scan of the chest provides clearer images, but it is not true completely. Standard CT chests are likely to display more regions of abnormality with limited information about anatomy & physiology; however, HRCT is more precise & high-quality.

Technique of HRCT 

There are some considerations when using specialized imaging modalities, specifically used in finding small structures in the human body. For example, when using HRCT for analyzing thin sections of your human or veterinary body during a medical procedure, there are a few things to keep in mind before you order one. For starters, the clinician needs to determine whether they wish to reconstruct with an elevated conclusion or not. For the latest and most effective HRCT chest in Delhi, contact Hamdard Imaging Center.

An HRCT scan can reveal structural and pathological details of your lungs in much more detail than when compared with tissue samples, even ones from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. Now it is easy to locate an authentic HRCT chest in South Delhi at Hamdard Imaging Center.

When someone suffers from interstitial lung disease, it's vital to tell what the individual is suffering from. Chest HRCT is an important tool. Sometimes nodules or reliant thickness are found on HRCT reports, which necessitates expiratory imaging for detailed examination.

Some of the Advantages of HRCT are:-

Deep and thinner comprehensive scanning method

Assist in multi-planner restoration

Patients with lung disease can better identify their air-trapping when images have presented that

change over time.

In general, dual-energy CT has a higher contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR) than conventional scanning.

Decrease radiotherapy side effects and strip relic

Large pixel sizes have improved significantly over the past few years with high-resolution for Advanced Computed Tomography (HRCT). One can see results with smaller margins under criticism for making X-Ray run more slowly than they should.