What does a CT Scan of the Head and Brain Shows?


December , 28 2021


A head CT Scanpresent pictures of the bones in the skull. Whereas CT Scan of the brain helps in identifying the brain tumors or any kind of injury in brain. Also, Brain CT scan can be used to treat brain cancer by planning radiation therapy.

If we look at the scenario, an MRI X-Ray is often preferred over CT scan for brain examination. But why? This is because an MRI gives a clear picture of the internal organs. As it operates through magnets, it gives out clear and smooth picture. But, it is not completely safe for patients with pacemakers. Such kind of patients requires CT Scan.

Patients without implanted medical devices may be recommended for an MRI test even after Ct scan. This is done to get a clear picture of the brain in your head. You can go to Best imaging centre in South Delhi for CT Scan and MRI test.

How to prepare yourself for a head or brain CT scan?

If you are going for a CT scan, your doctor may advise you not to eat or drink till the time you get the scan done. This is recommended to have clear picture of the scan. The clearer picture is, the more are chances to detect your health condition.

Some head CT scan may require use of contrast dye.  Hamdard Imaging Centre, CT chest scan in Delhi will recommend you the best test as per you condition. You may also be asked to remove any jewelry that you are wearing.

You don’t need to panic before any of the test of Scan, as it doesn’t pain you at all. Once the scan result is out, your doctor will check and start your treatment accordingly.

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