What is a knee MRI? Causes of knee MRI and how to prepare for a knee MRI?


December , 14 2021


The technology whereby doctors use magnets along with radio waves to take pictures of the interior body parts is known as MRI or magnetic resonance imaging. When we speak specifically, the knee MRI is about capturing the interior pictures of your knee and the nearby area.

A knee MRI allows to capture and inspection of the interior of the knee area at the time of the accident, physical activity, wear or tear, and more. In comparison to other tests, a knee MRI is more helpful. But the first step is to search MRI near me through Google. The best MRI scan centre in Delhi has the following features.

·  Cost-effective.

·  Adequate facilities.

·  Well experienced technicians.

Causes of Knee MRI

Knee MRI assists a doctor in detecting the cause of knee pain, inflammation, weakness, and more. Visualization of the knee's anatomy is possible through knee MRI.

A doctor prescribes a knee MRI for detection of:

·  joint disorders

·  bone fractures

·  damaged cartilage, ligaments, tendons, or meniscus

·  decreased motion of the knee joint

·  fluid buildup in the infection.

·  problems with implanted medical devices

·  sports- or trauma-related injury

·  Tumours.

How to prepare for knee MRI?

·  First of all, there is a registration process which you must complete. This particular process involves filling up the MRI-related questionnaire and then printing it out.

·  Those having a fear of enclosed spaces known as claustrophobia must take proper guidance from the referred physician and take required relaxants.

·  You should wear comfortable clothes. A cotton dress is a great option. You should leave all valuables at home like jewellery.

·  You have to wear the given gown during the test.

·  Your extra or specific preparation is recommended.

·  Contact the proper authorities if you have anything to ask before the test.

Risks of knee MRI-

In case you are wearing or carrying a metallic object during the scan, the large magnets possess some risks. The pacemaker or screws or pins that are implanted in your body also gets affected.

A contrast dye that is used in MRI scans can result in Allergic reactions in a few people. Gadolinium is the most common contrast dye. The experts say these are mild, and you can cure them by medication.


There are many reasons to do a knee MRI. It helps in better understanding of problems with the knee. At the MRI scan centre in Delhi, you can undergo a knee MRI. But the centre must have good facilities and staff.