DIGITAL X-RAY(System with Flat Panel Detector)

Multix Select DR is a universal radiographic system with a mobile flat detector as acquisition system for digital acquisitions.

Digital radiographic system for skeletal radiography of the recumbent and seated patient with floor-mounted tube assembly stand. With catapult Bucky, mobile flat detector, high-resolution digital imaging system with imaging station; incl. IONTOMAT three-field chamber and moving scattered radiation grid. Manual collimator.

It is especially suited for acquisitions of skeletal radiography of the recumbent and seated patient:

« Orthopedic diagnostics

« Trauma, General and ER diagnostics

« Thorax diagnostics

« Acquisitions of patients on a mobile patient table

Flat panel detector

Mobile flat detector with active image size of 35.3 cm x 42.4 cm for horizontal or vertical positioning in the detector tray of the examination system from the front of the patient positioning table, for free positioning for on-table or bedside exposures as well as left-sided or right-sided insertion into the detector tray of an optional Bucky wall unit.


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